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When I was  a young child, I was touched by the fact that many people accepted their (boring) lives, even without satisfaction.  Why???

Even in a world with amazing technology en many forms of counseling, people strand.  People have a feeling of missing , are restless and want change, progress.  

We are all a little piece in the universe.

All kind of forces impact us: family systems impact us a lot, we work in companies with their own dynamics.

I am fascinated by determining what’s really going on.

Being a lawyer I enjoyed listening to amazing divorce stories and criminal cases.  Trying to understand why problems occur.

As a mediator I learned all  methods of  dispute resolution.  I wanted solutions in stead of complaining.

I was looking for a method to achieve   information about a person, in a fast, accurate way, to the point.

Core Talents are the missing link.

Recognizing your Core Talents feels linke coming home.  Starting from who you are, without judgements.    You can not pretend anymore you don’t know it.

Practicing the coretalents method, and  exploring all possibilities feeds me with a lot of energy.  Every person has its own challenges.  I enjoy listening en thinking forward with you .

Answering important questions leads to action, performance.

Being a highly sensitive person, I have a strong fascination for economy.

Studying and learning , in all forms, is key in personal and career development.

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